Each one of our residents is a part of our Family.

Dear Maria,

Before time slips away as it seems to do these days, I want to formally acknowledge all the great staff members of the Fitch Home. Since March 2018 Polly and Mary have been well cared for by a professional and compassionate team of great people. It has been great comfort to know that my aunts have been safe and happy.
During the last few weeks it has been especially evident that each Fitch Home worker is in a field he/she loves. Staff went above and beyond to support the sisters and family. A sad experience was made quite beautiful.
Mary often wore to family parties a special pendant ~
“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller
Thank you for taking the sisters into the Fitch Home – and heart!

Maria, I just spoke to my Mom. She said, “Yesterday was the best birthday I’ve ever had.” The cake was wonderful and everyone sang a big loud Happy Birthday. She loves the balloons and all the fun she had yesterday.
When she got back to her room she had one phone call after another from members of our family. A perfect day.
She is exhausted today from all the excitement and that’s a great testament to the wonderful environment you and your staff provide. She really feels like a part of the Fitch family and is very thankful we found you.
I haven’t seen my Mom so happy for years, so I am forever in your debt.

Love to all of you, Marie

Thank you Maria!
She sounds like her old self again and she tells us how nice everyone is to her. Having her own room, good company during the day and at meal times is exactly what she needed.
My sister and I couldn’t be any happier with her being there – we are so grateful that there was availability and that she was approved by the Board and the doctor.
I spoke with my Aunt the other day and she told me she’s been telling everyone about The Fitch – she was som impressed with everything and everyone when she visited my mum last week!


Thank you for always going the extra mile for Helen at the Fitch and for supporting me through this journey. It is such a loving and caring community.
With much appreciation,


To the Fitch family,

Our family wanted to express our gratitude for welcoming our mom, Maureen into The Fitch Home this past fall. It brought us such peace knowing she was safe and surrounded by friends and staff that cared about her. We were able to see her personality, humor and joy for life reemerge. For that we are grateful.

To the nursing team – Thank you! We could not have kept her in this place she loved without your support during the last month.

To the residents and staff who continued to visit, give hugs, share a laugh over the past month – Thank you! She truly felt loved.

We appreciate you all and hope to stay a part of the Fitch Family. Such a special place.

When the time came for our aunts to move out of their home we had never anticipated how fortunate we would be to find The Fitch.

It has given us such peace of mind knowing that they are living some place where their physical, social and emotional needs are being met. They are always treated with respect and the care and concern of the staff has been exceptional.

The communication with our family has been outstanding. They are always in touch and we feel our aunts are nurtured in a very safe place. It is so nice to visit such a clean, pleasant and well-run residence where we always feel welcome and the people we love feel at home.

– From the Rull Family

Food we place at the top of the list and that includes food for the soul; Kindness and love are apparent here, so happiness heads the role.

A good laugh each day can smooth rough spots away and encourage one to feel life is good; Fitch Home exists to make home-life happy. That is definitely understood.

Food surprises often appear at meals They’re so delicious your feel impelled to find someone to thank for such delectable treats; What more do we need to excel?

In a dining room so “Par Excellence” with a view of a rippling pond and tremendous trees all about. Plus roses in season and shrubs just beyond.

You’re sure to ask how so much beauty all happened to grow in one place. Folks know that trees are essential to health and each tree is a mark of grace.

The Home invites with its choice of art works. The kind you’d love to admire and show your visiting friends. It has its own library of books you’ll desire.

You’ll have the quiet for resting each day. You can go shopping or get a shampoo. Whatever you do it’s a satisying joy. You love every minute with you.

Every person craves beauty of soul. Every window at Fitch displays beauty. You’ll be inclined to thank God for such wonderful Blessings, that “LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL”

– Lillian C. Busby
(Written at age 90 – A former Fitch Home lover and resident)

Let me tell you a little about The Fitch. It is a grand and lovely home. But its heart and soul are its people, the person who runs it and those who help her.

We have a head nurse who is efficient beyond measure, but will come in on St. Patrick’s Day with home-made bread, warm from the oven, on her day off! And we have a staff who seem to be cut from the same cloth, compassionate and wise.

And we have a Lady-in-charge, Director if you will, who is the real heart of it all, and the Home is her baby! She runs a tight ship, but the Home is her shining glory. If there is an emergency in the kitchen-Viola!-she will don an apron and step in to help. Her wit and attitude energize us all.

– Jean K.

Thank you for being so caring and helpful at a time in my sister’s life when she needed you all. Our experience at The Fitch was a very positive one and we will continue to sing your praises.

– Gratefully yours, The H. Family

On behalf of my mother Edith Lane who passed away at age 93, I want to thank Joyce, Kate and the staff of The Fitch in Melrose for making the last three years of her life comfortable and enjoyable.

The Fitch is a wonderful assisted-living facility. There is Ell Pond in the backyard, with the ducks, geese and swans passing by, making it a beautiful setting.

The 22 residents have an excellent quality of life there. All get up and dressed for the three full meals daily. Camaraderie exists at each of the tables. The menu is varied and the food and service are great. Each resident’s birthday is recognized. Our mom was a frequent afternoon visitor in the dining room for her daily dish of ice cream.

The rooms and entertainment areas are kept spotless. The outside grounds are well taken care of. When it snows, those who have cars are quickly plowed out.

The Fitch is truly one of Melrose’s jewels, and one of our best kept secrets too. For an elderly person who is able but needs help with their meals, their medicines, their laundry services and seeks daily activities to keep their minds sharp, it is a perfect solution.

Edith never wanted to live in a nursing home. She never had to. The Fitch is not a nursing home. She had her own unit. She had frequent visitors, both family and friends and all commented on what a nice place she had.

She was happy there thanks to the staff and residents who helped make those difficult years less lonely.

The Lane family thanks all of you.

– Fran Lane, on behalf of the Lane family, Melrose

You and the staff at The Fitch made my aunt’s later years some of her best. Your constant care and concern for her was so very much appreciated. Words cannot express how much I and other family members appreciate all that The Fitch gave her.

– Warm regards, S. S.

I will continue to give The Fitch 5 stars, even though my mom is no longer there. They got my mom through a very tough year, plus, when her health issues were more than my brother or I could support. I still visit their staff when I can and do my best to drop off a small token of our appreciation every holiday. The staff takes amazing care of their residents, and they also extend that care to their family members. My mom stays in touch with some of the residents and they always praise the care received by staff members. I’ll go out on a limb and tell anyone considering The Fitch for their family to please feel free to request to contact me. I’m one of their biggest fans and feel it a privileged to be a reference on their behalf.

– Dee Mandolese

Hard to believe that a year has gone by since mom was lucky enough to move into The Fitch. From the minute she walked through the front door into your beautiful retirement home, she knew this was the place she wanted to call home.

Please accept my family’s sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your wonderful staff for making my mother feel at home in her new surroundings. Every time I drop her off after an outing, she say’s “I’m home now”. I will always be grateful for that.

I am also very impressed with the level of caring, understanding and watchfulness she receives. My brother and I got a call from the Director of Nursing, a few months ago that mom was just “off”. No fever, she didn’t appear sick, but she just wasn’t herself.  My brother took her to urgent care and sure enough, she had an infection. If she was at a large facility, I’m positive the staff couldn’t possibly provide such one-on-one support, much less be able to know their residents that well! Very impressive!

Thank you again. If there is anything I or the family can do to make your job easier, please do not hesitate to contact us.

– Sincerely, C.U.

We Look Forward to Welcoming You to Our Home!