We’ve kicked off our Celebrate & Elevate campaign at our delightful Gala which took place on Saturday evening, October 13th. If you weren’t there to join us, you missed a spectacular time! Now our focus is on continuing to raise funds to help pay for our new elevator which is required by state regulations. Although we have made a respectable “first step” towards our $500,000 goal, we need more help and are hoping that we can successfully turn to the Melrose community for assistance.

The 2018 Holiday Season is here, a time when many folks think about making charitable donations before the year’s end. We at The Fitch Home would like to encourage the residents of Melrose to keep a bit of their charitable donations local! “Charity begins at home,” are well-known words.

We at The Fitch Home hope that you will help us this holiday season by keeping us in mind as you make your year-end charitable donations. Melrose is such a special city and The Fitch Home has been referred to as a “hidden gem” within this fine community. Located on the shores of Ell Pond, The Fitch offers the freedom of independent living along with the best that senior living and assisted care can offer. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity so all charitable donations are fully tax deductible. We urge you to make your donations before the year’s end and thank you in advance for your consideration.

Tax deductible donations can be made to our Celebrate & Elevate Fundraising Campaign two ways:
1. Donate online
2. By check payable to The Fitch Home, Inc. and mail to: Maria Haggerty, Assistant Executive Director, The Fitch, 75 Lake Ave, Melrose MA 02176