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What’s the difference between Assisted Living and Residential Care?


Assisted Living communities provides a style of living that is residential apartment complexes for individuals 65 years and older and their monthly rent pays for their apartment, 2-3 meals a day, laundry, housekeeping and concierge services. Assistance with ADL’s is available in an additional service package. There are limitations on medical assistance and hands on care. Assisted Living facilities are governed by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Residential Care like at The Fitch are significantly smaller and intimate homes, providing care to individuals 65 years or older in a residential setting. The monthly rent will pay for most everything up to and including room and board, meals, housekeeping, laundry and also includes 24 hour assistance and medication management and administration. Assistance with ADL’s are available for an additional fee. Residential Care homes are Licensed and inspected by Dept. of Public Health, holding homes like The Fitch to a higher standard of care.

Here is a comparison chart which outlines some of these difference.


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The Fitch Residential Care for seniors provides a comfortable residence, with individual units of varied sizes and private bathrooms for each resident. The monthly rent includes room and board, meals, housekeeping, laundry, activities, basic cable, off street parking, scheduled transportation to medical appointments, 24 hour emergency care, and medication management and assistance.

Personal care is provided on an as needed basis at modest prices. The Bottom Line: The Fitch accommodates your needs at a reasonable price and typically costs $1,500 to $3,000 less per month, while providing more care using a comprehensive pricing model. This can mean a stronger financial future.

The Fitch is non-profit and mission driven per Mrs. Sarah Fitch’s bequest to be a real home, not a business, with minimum restrictions, maximum comfort and a warm, friendly, caring atmosphere.

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